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Share Your Memories of Richard Wurmbrand

Rev. Richard Wurmbrand had an impact on many lives, but none have heard every story. Please use the comment area below to share your story of how Richard Wurmbrand’s mission blessed you.

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60 Responses to “Share Your Stories”

  1. Emmanuel Tio says:

    I should’ve know that my sufferings are as nothing compared to that of Our Lord and that of Wurmbrand’s. I’d never known about Mr. Wurmbrand’s stories but I think, he may be a saint in the future. I figured out that sufferings like that of Padre Pio’s and that of Wurmbrand’s should not be neglected, but rather, be one’s own treasures in reaching one’s own goal of future happiness. that of being in the kingdom of God. I can now clearly see that the more humans suffer, the higher the level of happiness they may have afterwards. I can’t put my self into sufferings but I guess the sufferings that I’ve encountered in my own place would be my treasures in the future heaven. Thanks to Wurmbrand’s books and thanks to the Russian donors who made this dream come true.

  2. VOM_Admin says:

    Dear Fern,

    Thank you for your interest in the persecuted church! Our campus is open 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Our main office, “The Wurmbrand Center”, has a museum open to the public during business hours. Please use our Contact form at to request further information.

    If you wish to volunteer your time at our campus, please visit

  3. shalom! greetings from the Philippines! im a missionary/pastor preparing for Thailand mission by Oct/may 2014. I was so blessed by the life of Rev Wurmbrand…how God sustained him during those years of torture/persecutions. we believers in free countries need to hear this kind of testimonies for us to be challenged and leaave our comfort zone zones:go to restricted countries and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
    my family and I are very much willing to partner with your ministry in any way possible. God bless your ministries more abundantly, amen!

  4. Kody Dibble says:

    Wurmbrand’s story is amazing…Completely shatters me on the inside out. Makes me continually question how to spread the Gospel of Love to everyone and anyone.

  5. Laura Williamson says:

    Myself and my husband were in our second year of Bible College when we heard about what was happening in Romania. We were so upset about what we heard was happening to the believers that we prayed to God to help us tell others about it and to give us guidance on what we could do. God answered very quickly by showing us how we could minister to the believers by bringing in Bibles, Study Material , Food & Medical Supplies to the Underground Church . It was at that time very dangerous but we can testify to God’s protection and guidance and amazing answers to prayers. We counted it a tremendous privilege to have been used in this way and we were truly humbled at the joy and faithfulness we witnessed constantly among the believers.
    We had the priviledge of having the Wurmbrands stay with us during their visit to the churches in the UK and will never forget the impression they left on us as a family .

  6. Prasad Rao.G says:

    Shalom, Greetings from “word of god ministries.” India. When I am studying Engineering 1978 I read Richard wurmbrand life history and Gospel . I received Jesus Christ from 1981 to till today. We are providing medical support to needy communities in India . Spreading the word of God sharing the Gods love .

  7. G. Averill says:

    My husband and I had close ties with a Romanian Baptist Church in Phoenix for several years and after which we went to an Eastern Europe country after communism stepped down to work with believers there. Most of the Romania church with whom we worked next to in Phoenix came to America after being persecuted for their faith in Romania and some escaped out of Romania in perilous situations with fears of being executed as they crawled and hid in the dark of night. In 1986 or 87 my husband traveled to Romania to take greetings to family members of those who were now in Phoenix. Nicolae Ceau┼čescu was in power and while my husband was there he was arrested and interrogated by the secret police then made to walk out of the country instead of going by train. After Ceau┼čescu reign ended my husband returned to Romania once again to encourage believers there and to let them know America believers were still praying for them and helping where they could. Rubbing shoulders with these dear Romanian brothers and sisters in Christ as well as those in Eastern Europe where we worked and hearing their stories still are special memories for me and keep me praying for the persecuted church around the world. I have read several of the Wurmbrands’ books and once had a chance to hear brother Wurmbrand speak. His story as well as others of the persecuted church needs to be heard in the 2015 churches as in a few years these churches may face persecution and need to be reminded of the faithfulness of God and His word and how persecuted believers of years gone by were sustained by The Word and The Spirit. The God who sustained the persecuted of years gone is the same God who sustains believers today…He is unchanging, He is The I Am, He is Eternally faithful and we can trust Him and His word in what ever we face, be it persecution, or the lethargies and entertainments seen in many churches today. May God find us faithful…

  8. Jack Morgan says:

    There was a time back in the late 80’s I saw Richard Wurmbrand tell his story. I was a young Christian believer then. After hundreds of books, many years of living in this world, and learning about how Jewish bankers funded, sponsored and supported the communist take over, how through their ‘leadership’ Christians were tortured and killed by the *millions*, destroying Christian churches, where they created a system of government that forced people to slave for the state, one that eventually collapsed on its own weight because it was not only totally unworkable, but completely evil, I am surprised I never see any discussion of who was behind the torture of Mssr. Wurmbrand.

    Unless we open our eyes and are open and honest about who was behind the communist menace in the east back in the day, a menace that impacted Mssr. Wurmbrand directly, we roll out the red carpet for the same thing to occur today. Think it can’t happen? It is all underway even as we speak.

    And based on what I have learned, it was worse for a jew to commit to Christ. Christians are too docile. Shall we just let sycophantic jewish people torture us all over again? Or shall we stand up now and reclaim our nation, and prevent it from ever occurring?

    Is it ‘anti-semetic’ to want to spare your life and the life of your family from the miserable fate that met Mssr Wurmbrand? Shall we cower in the corner with fear of a label in exchange for our own lives? Or shall we meet the threat head on and do something about it?

    While it is true bad things happen to good people, if we see a storm coming and can take the necessary precautions, but fail to do so, and while we suffer the consequences consoling ourselves that ‘it is God’s will for us to suffer, after all Jesus suffered’, surely we are reckless fools, and are hardly suffering the sufferings of Jesus, but those of our own making.

    Jesus suffered because he had the courage to get in the face of the synagogue of satan, the jewish elite, who lied, connived, and manipulated to enslave the poor for their own power and profit. In the fateful week, not only did he not leave Jerusalem (which would have saved him), he totally got up in the face of the evil freaks, and turned over their money changing tables and told them to get OUT of the temple.

    And he stood his ground.

    For *that* he was killed.

    It woud be far better to say and do the same things, to call out the jewish liars today, acting under the false pretext of being ‘chosen’ (like, whatever). hmmmph. Jesus was willing to die, and he knew he would. That was a given. Acting like he did, it was like signing his own death warrant. But we are such cowards. The *same* sleazeballs are in operation today. They are the new pharisee, they just play a different sort of game, but the evil spirit behind them is still the same and so is the effect.

    Yet we shrink back for fear of being called a *name*.

    All the big talk about ‘following Jesus’, but few really do, because we dont do the things he did – tell the truth about evil people to protect the poor. This was his legacy. Maybe we should follow his example instead of a religious system that was developed so we would not.

  9. h.f. cross says:

    sincere greetings in Christ our Lord!

    Once I heard an anecdote concerning brother Wurmbrand to the effect (and forgive my paraphrasing a second or third-hand message):
    “…I danced in my cell each night, cold, alone and starving, because I knew God loved me… ”
    Is this paraphrase attributable to brother W.? If so, I want to use such a statement of grace in a sermon or talk….
    Christ’s love compels us. hf cross rsvp

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