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Share Your Memories of Richard Wurmbrand

Rev. Richard Wurmbrand had an impact on many lives, but none have heard every story. Please use the comment area below to share your story of how Richard Wurmbrand’s mission blessed you.

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60 Responses to “Share Your Stories”

  1. Forever grateful says:

    Thank you, Heavenly Father, for blessing us with the ministry of Pastor Wurmbrand and his wife, Sabina. Only the Holy Spirit dwelling richly in their hearts by grace could have given them the strength to endure. They endured with joy, even joy unspeakable, and by Your Grace, their ministry continues to endure. The wisdom that the Holy Spirit gave to Pastor Wurmbrand also gave him great courage to love boldly. This spirit of joy continues to encourage true believers who do not take their liberties for granted but serve with humility and reverence. I pray that every professional pastor of every mega church that preaches the prosperity gospel would repent and be born again and read Pastor Wurmbrand’s testimony.

  2. Forever grateful says:

    I want to tell you that I met Pastor Wurmbrand and Sabina in California when they visited to share their testimony. At the time I was involved in a group that was actually a cult but I didn’t understand that it was a cult then. (I believe that I, like other people who are involved in cults do so because the cult offers something that appeals to human nature that is not of God.) What I remember is that Pastor Wurmbrand’s expression was soooo like Christ and I had never encountered that before. He chose to minister at that place, and preach in a manner that was unlike anything I had heard before. Sabina’s testimony to me was “Love your enemies.” Many years later the key to my recovery was to repent of those things that appealed to me while in the cult. I am still recovering from the effects of the cult, BUT God used Pastor Wurmbrand to show me the way to recovery through forgiveness and love. This love does not come from beneath but from above. This love is the love of Christ, who while hanging on the cross, asked the Father to forgive them. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for granting Pastor Wurmbrand the courage to preach in that place and plant seeds of love.

  3. ed hardy says:

    Exactamente! Es la idea excelente. Es listo a apoyarle.

  4. Tom Blasco says:

    In the early 70’s I was a young pastor. At that time I read “Tortured for Christ” and was deeply moved. The church I was serving as an associate pastor scheduled Richard to come and share with the congregation. I was excited but had apprehension because when I read his book, I felt guilty because I compared the suffering that Richard went through to the minimal suffering that I had experienced as a Christian. I thought I would hear him speak and would feel guilty and unworthy yet I really looked forward to hearing his testimony and experiences. He came and the church was packed. Some of the youth sat on the floor up front so others could have a seat. As he spoke on grace (I still remember the sermon), I witnessed the love of God pour out of him as his face seem to glow with His Presence. There was no guilt for it was just the opposite. It was an encounter with the grace and love of God that I will never forget. Thank you brother Richard for showing me the love an grace of God in a powerful way.

  5. Rev George Gilmour says:

    I remember Richard Wurmbrand coming to our church in Sunnyvale, CA in the fall of 1968. I excelled in history, so my teacher had asked for me to be excused from the normal class for the second half of the year and I could write a report on some topic from history. After hearing the testimony of Richard, I told my teacher that I wanted write a paper on the communist aggression inside the Unites States and its effect on our country. My teacher’s response was, “What are you talking about…What aggression?” I was them dismissed from her class and put in another. That was over 40 years ago and look what has happened to our school system and government since then. What happened in Romainia and to Richard Wurmbrand can happen here. History teaches us that we do not learn from history. America needs a spiritual revival before its too late.

  6. Cristina says:

    I too had the opportunity to hear Richard Wurmbrand speak at our church in Portland, Oregon at a very young age (10 years old). I started to read all his books which my father bought and could not stop until I read them all. I was touched by the power of God and amazed at how much love this man has shown upon his torturers. Then one day, as I was reading, I came across my grandfather’s name, who was at that time, the cell mate with Richard Wurmbrand in the communist prison. I asked my father if it was true that this was my grandfather. He replied “Yes, he too was sentenced for 10 years in communist prison and was tortured amongst the other believers, of which one was Richard Wurmbrand.” I now share this true life story with all my friends. I am very proud of my heritage and most importantly to be called a child in Christ.

  7. tom bionic says:

    Sadly, I was not a believer until brother wurmbrand had passed. But his books, the audio, his teaching, have left such an indellible mark upon me. Oh how I want to be like Christ after reading and watching Brother Wurmbrand!
    As a commenter above noted, it is not the scars, the years of hunger, the despair of beatings torture and imprisonment that shine through it is an other centered love that positively permeates every nook and cranny of brother wurmbrand. I believe him when he said that in the dark of prison Christ came bodily to minister to brother wurmbrand. Christ stood over his bed and told him he was catching every tear in a bottle for him, that he loved him, and that he remembered none of his sins, and that God was with him there in that cell.

    For those of you looking for a particularly overlooked, but good book from Brother Richard, I recommend “Jesus Friend to Terrorists”, penned under Brother Richards pen name “Radu Valenin”. So convicting, and so real and honest.

  8. Anneke Marriott says:

    I just wanted to say that a friend of mine had given me the book ‘Tortured for Christ’. In my heart I feel that we, followers of Christ in the west (and maybe all over the world) may enter into a time of persecution. I strongly felt how the Holy Spirit moved my heart through Richard’s sermons. I have not read the whole book yet because it is too much to take in over a short period of time. Through Richard’s message I would like to allow God to prepare my heart for what is laying ahead of me/us. I am sorry that I could not thank him personally but I rest assured that our Father in Heaven will give him his reward. I would like to thank Mihai for the faith he has and for looking up to heaven. May God bless you in and through this ministry.

  9. Toluwalase says:

    I just want to say that I’ve been thoroughly blessed by this book. I have never in my life read anything like this apart from the story of Jesus Christ. I am blessed beyond words. We Christians complain about every little issue we experience but have experienced nothing close to what the martyrs experienced in the book.

    God help us to love the unlovable just like Pastor Richard did and be lights and pointers to Jesus Christ in Jesus name.

  10. Jayakar Chandran says:

    Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and his wife Sabina Wurmbrand lived a life that was Christ-like and had remained models for other Christians . The lives of these two beautiful souls now in heaven continue to inspire us.

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